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About Elementari

Elementari is an online platform that connects artists with writers to create and share interactive stories. We have over 10,000 illustrations and sounds with more added each week by the community to jump-start your story. Stories published automatically credit and promote the artists whose art and music you have used.

Our Mission

Elementari promotes arts, literacy, and computational thinking in an engaging and collaborative way. We want anyone, even kids, to be able to write and code interactive stories. We're committed to building a platform where people can come together to read, write, share, and remix stories designed for the screen. Elementari respects student privacy. We are complient with COPPA, FERPA, and have no ads.

Meet the Elementari Team


Nicole Kang


David Li


Len Smith


Richard Walsh

...and our community

of illustrators, composers, teachers, and more

Elementari is a community project with people volunteering to share their original artwork or music, create curriculum, fix bugs, playtest, and even translate. Anyone can join the Elementari community!

Anyone can help

We're a small team working on a huge project. We need your help to turn Elementari into reality. Below are some ways you can help :)

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