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Promoting artists through storytelling

Inspire people to create interactive stories with your art or music. Earn profits. Keep your copyrights. Always get credit effortlessly.


Gain exposure

Inspire stories with your art. Elementari's Studio can be used by everyone, even kids, opening up a whole new market for your illustrations and sounds.

Connect with writers and fans

Show off your existing artwork and gain new fans via engagement and interaction with readers, writers, and other artists. Or, experiment with new styles and get feedback.


Send real-time updates your followers every time you upload a new asset or contributed to a story. Made something requested? Elementari will automatically notify those following the request.

Share your work with the world

Anyone can write a story featuring your art on Elementari. Track how your art and music has shaped stories written and read by people all around the world. <br><br>See our Illustrator Guidelines on how to format your illustrations


Protect your artwork

We take protecting your art very seriously. Illustrations and stories cannot be downloaded (no right click save as). Writers can only use your art on Elementari.

Keep your copyright

You retain copyright over your illustrations and sounds and can license them in other markets and channels. No strings attached.

Get automatically credited

All stories automatically generate a credits page. Every page also has credits built in. You are also notified when someone uses your work.

Maintain full control of your art

Specify what assets are available to be used on Elementari's Studio. Change the permissions or remove them at any time.


Get rewarded

There's a lot happening on Elementari. Here are a few ways artists are rewarded.

Access in depth analytics

Track how people interact with your art. See the views, likes, number of removeStoryVerify and stories your art is used in.

Transparent progression

Level up and gain privileges. We want our artists to have fun and be encouraged to interact with the community.

Partner Program

Progress to become an Elementari Partner. Partners benefit from profit-sharing, marketing, and PR support.

The best way to understand Elementari is to try it!

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