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Your students can use Elementari to write their own interactive stories while learning to read and write better, think creatively, and analyze systematically.

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Why Use Elementari?

Elementari makes writing fun for students and integrates coding into core subjects. By fostering a love of writing and coding, students can improve writing (and reading) outcomes and prepare for careers in STEM fields.

Makes Writing Fun

Elementari makes writing fun for students through the use of illustrations, sounds, and coded interactions. Students can write their story at their own pace, get inspired by the illustrations, and take pride in their personal writing projects. By publishing their stories to the world (and seeing their stories read), students are given a voice and are motivated to write more.

Easy To Use

At the core, Elementari is about writing and publishing. Due to this, teachers of most subjects can easily envision ways to integrate it into their curriculum. Teachers and students take something familiar, a book, and enhance it through adding professional artwork and code to bring their story to life.

Meets Diverse Needs

Elementari can be used for any range of literacy skills while personalizing and differentiating learning. Students can creatively communicate in multiple ways whether that is through using a mixture of text, images, recorded voice overs, or music to deliver unique digital storytelling experiences. Elementari has also been used by teachers to collaboratively create stories with their students or lessons for students to read and listen to.

Built for STEAM

Educators can incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) in their classrooms as students “code” their stories to be interactive. Compared to, Scratch, and other blockly based visual coding environments, Elementari has developed a node-based visual coding language that is based on real-world professional applications.

Support Student Learning

Student learning is a continuous process facilitated by the teacher. Therefore, we have built tools to support teachers and student learning for all levels.

Manage Student Privacy

Teachers maintain control. Stories published require teacher approval. Comments on stories are private to the classroom and can be disabled.

Monitor Student Online Status

View your students' status in real time. See which students are online and currently working on their stories.

Starting from a Template

Don't know where to start? In these cases, a student can “remix” an existing story. A “remix” copies a story and its code so it can be used as a template for students to use. Remixes automatically credit the original story and notify the original author.

Personalized student feedback

Provide specific page to page feedback on ongoing stories. Once you give feedback on a student's story, he will be able to review, make changes, and resolve that feedback directly within the authoring tool.

View Student Progress

Individual student and whole-group analytics let you better understand student behavior and learning with key metrics such as time spent writing, time spent coding, and the number of characters written.

Build Classroom Community

Support social emotional learning and classroom community by amplifying student voices in creating personal projects where students can grow.

Write Personal Stories

Enable students to creatively express themselves in multiple ways that is personal and meaningful to them. Ex. Journaling, Reflections

Code and Grow

Code will fail (that's why we debug). Build a classroom culture where failure and growth is part of the iterative learning process.

Publish Diverse Stories

Write from diverse perspectives and to a diverse audience. Ex. Conduct an interview, Write a story for younger grades, Thank You cards.

Comment and Collaborate

Celebrate each other's stories with a comment or remix a published story to build on top of it. Ex. Story chains, cross-grade collaborations.

Interested in learning more about supporting Social Emotional Learning with Coded Stories? View the slides from our previous professional development session or contact us at for a personalized PD for your needs.

Simple Setup

Write anywhere, read everywhere. No downloads or installations. Easy classroom setup as well as Google Classroom integration.

Works on All Devices

Write and code stories on iPad/chromebook/laptop/desktop and read on all devices including mobile. Elementari requires an internet connection and a modern web browser (preferably Google Chrome).

Create and manage student accounts

Create student accounts (no emails needed). Or sync your Google Classroom roster with one click. See our Help Center for step-by-step video tutorials on the different ways to get your classroom set up.

Elementari is compatible with:

Make sure you keep your browser version up to date to ensure Elementari works. Please note that Elementari is a web app and will work on iPads in Safari or Chrome but will need iOS 11 or higher.

Resources for educators

No coding experience? Don't know where to start? We've got the support you and your students need to build fulfilling storytelling experiences.

Elementari Proposal

View our detailed proposal for more information on Elementari and how it can be used in various K-12 contexts.

Professional Development

Introduce Elementari to your collegues with this PD presentation. Find past webinars, lives, and tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Lesson Plans

Standards-aligned curriculums provide plans, objectives, and strategies to help you integrate creative activities within your classes.

Coding Clubs

Join in on one of our weekly coding clubs or host your own. Recordings are available for all of our sessions on our YouTube channel.

The best way to understand Elementari is to try it!

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