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Your students can use Elementari to write their own interactive stories while learning to read and write better, think creatively, and analyze systematically.

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Resources for educators

Digital Literacy

Digital storytelling supports 21st Century Learning Skills When designing an interactive story, students develop mathematical computational ideas and practice key communication skills in a meaningful and motivating way.

Engaging Lessons

Impress your students with engaging lessons. Include animations, voiceovers, and more to teach in a memorable and impactful way. The educator's guide shows you how to prepare and run Elementari classes and workshops.

More Ways to Get Started

Explore more possibilities through additional activities. Standard curriculums provide plans, objectives, and strategies to help you integrate creative activities within your classes.

For students

Learn to write interactive stories like a pro

Focus on writing

Select from our growing library of beautiful illustrations and sounds to write your story and support the artists that make your story possible. Thanks to Elementari's automated crediting, you don't have to worry about stealing someone else's artwork.

Learn logic

Want to create a game book? A choose your own adventure? You can do it with our Event Graph. Learn how to design interactive stories where your readers' shape the action and plot. Check out our tutorials to get started.

Remix and collaborate

Collaborate by sharing art and remixing stories. You can remix a favorite story to change the ending or have a friend remix and continue your own. Your story can have multiple contributors from around the world.

The best way to understand Elementari is to try it!

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