Educator FAQ

About Elementari Classrooms

What are Elementari Classrooms?

Elementari Classrooms allow educators to easily create and manage student accounts, moderate student content, and showcase a classroom library featuring their students' published stories. Any regular user can create a classroom and add up to 30 students for free.

How do I create a classroom?

After signing up for a regular account, you can click on the 'Classrooms' tab in the sidebar or icon in the top navigation.

About Elementari Educator Account

What are Educator accounts?

An Elementari Educator Account provides educators with additional features including expanding the student limit to 90 students or more and access to all illustration and sounds for student accounts.

How do I get a Educator account?

To get a Educator Account, you must subscribe to the educator plan or have your school sign up for the school plan.

Are Educator accounts integrated with Google Classroom or any other classroom management service?

Elementari Educator accounts are not integrated with any classroom management services.

Can a class have multiple Educators?

A class can only have one Educator account associated with it.

What if I have any questions or comments on Educator Accounts?

If you have any questions or feedback on Educator Accounts, you can message us at

About Student Accounts

Do I have to verify each of my students' emails?

No. Since student accounts do not use unique emails addresses, confirming your Educator email address will enable sharing for all class accounts.

What happens when I close my class?

When you close a class, your students will be removed from your class but their stories will still be visible on the site and available in your classroom library. Students who have a parent email associated with their account will still be able to log in and use the site as a regular user. You will not be able to reopen your class.

What happens when I delete my class?

When you delete a class, your students will be removed from your class. Your classroom and classroom library will be permanently deleted. Students who have a parent email associated with their account will still be able to log in and use the site as a regular user.

What happens if a student forgets their password?

You can manually reset a student password from within your Classroom Dashboard. First, navigate to Classrooms (either from the side menu or the dropdown menu next to your user icon). From there, find the correct class, select the Students tab, and click Reset Password. You can then reset the password at the student level using the Settings menu.

Can I see unpublished student projects?

Educator accounts can only access student projects that are waiting approval or already published.

Can I delete student accounts?

It is not possible for a Educator to delete a student account. A student can delete their own account in their Account Settings.

Can I add an existing Elementari account to my class?

Yes, existing account can join your class through their Account Settings.

Can a student be in multiple classes?

A student can only be a part of one class. However, we are looking into adding this functionality in later versions.

Is there a space to discuss Educator Accounts with other Educators?

Yes, you can engage in discussions with other Educators on our facebook group . Check out their forums to join conversations about a number of topics, including but not limited to Educator Accounts.

What data does Elementari collect about students?

We do not collect any personal data from students. When an user creates student accounts, students are not required to provide an email address for account setup. Teachers are always in control as a student’s story is private by default. Only teachers can choose to share a book with a wider audience.

Is Elementari compliant with United States local and federal data privacy laws?

Elementari cares deeply about the privacy of students and of all individuals who use our platform. We have in place physical and electronic procedures to protect the information we collect on the Elementari website. We encourage you to read the Elementari Privacy Policy for more information.