Connecting and creating stories together

Anyone can create interactive books in minutes. Elementari connects artists with writers of all ages to create and share interactive stories.

Powerful Studio

Feature-rich authoring tool

Elementari Studio makes it simple for anyone to create stunning interactive stories. Bring your stories to life in ways the printed page never could.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop to add text, illustrations, shapes, and more. Move, rotate, scale. We make it easy.

Image Filters

Edit your images using filters and photo editing tools so your story looks exactly the way you want.

Hundreds of Fonts

Find the perfect font for your story by using any of Google's thousands of web fonts!


Fade, move, rotate, and more. Bring any illustration or text to life on Elementari.

Interactive Magic

Trigger different actions through touch events. Play a sound, go to a new page, or animate.


Add customizable buttons and more. All ready to go and accessible within Elementari.

Creative Collaboration

Inspire, get inspired

Every story written is a collaboration between a writer and various illustrators and composers around the world. Credits page? It's automatically generated.

Automated crediting

Share your love of art. All illustrators and composers whose art you have used are automatically credited and notified when you publish your story. <br><br>Like a certain character in a story ? Long - tap to see the artist.

Remix a story

Maybe you’d like to use someone’s story as the starting point for your own. Remixes allow you to freely use an existing story as a base without affecting the original project. <br><br>See how your story evolves in the hands of the community.

Request an asset

Use your imagination to inspire the community. Request for specific illustrations and sounds. Fulfilled requests will be available for everyone to use on Elementari. <br><br>Work together to build our library.

Contribute to the community

Want to get involved with the community? See how to get started and help build Elementari.

Simple Publishing

Edit Anywhere, Publish Everywhere

Just log in to directly edit your story from any station. Publish in one click to all devices. Share your story to any web page.

Write anywhere

Edit your story anytime, anywhere. There's no download or installation. All your edits are saved on the cloud.

Publish everywhere

Publish your story in one click to be read directly on all devices. You can also embed your story on an web page.

Social storytelling

All together now

With a community of writers, readers, and artists there are plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate with people of all ages.

Follow creators

Following creators lets them know you appreciate their work. Get instant updates of stories, illustrations, and music in your news feed.

Explore your interests

Get recommendations in your news feed. Explore curated stories, trending illustrations, and popular music.

Share your achievements

Pin your best work to your profile or browse others’ timelines to see the stories they’ve created or helped shape.

The best way to understand Elementari is to try it!

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