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Virtual Field Trip / Hour of Code

Schedule a Virtual Field Trip and Hour of Code to jumpstart coding amazing classroom projects

About Virtual Field Trip / Hour of Code

About the Hour of Code

The purpose of this Virtual Field Trip / Hour of Code is to inspire students to see coding all around us and to jumpstart their own creative writing/coding projects. In the one hour session, students will learn and apply the necessary coding skills to accomplish their projects. These projects are meant to take longer than one hour to accomplish and should integrate into the core curriculum unit of the teacher.

About the Instructor

Nicole Kang is a MIT alum, previously a STEM teacher, and educational researcher. She is passionate about integrating literacy and coding together to create projects that are personal and meaningful for students. Nicole is also one of the co-founders that have developed Elementari to write and code across the curriculum.

Learn to Code

No previous coding experience needed. Nicole will lead students and teachers through coding their first project while introducing real world coding connections.

Integrate with Curriculum

Projects will tie into your existing curriculum as a way for students to demonstrate their understanding. For example, creating an app on an endangered species.

Invite a Buddy Classroom

Share your session with a buddy classroom within or outside of your school. Have students create games for their buddy classroom (it's an authentic audience!).

Record the Session

Session are recorded for students and teachers to refer back to. Additional resources and "coding cheat sheets" will be given for students.

What Happens in an Hour?

Introducing Nicole Kang (10 min)
Nicole will lead students through the interactive About Nicole Kang App created on Elementari. Students will guess the answer to the questions as Nicole introduces herself and her journey into coding. The goal is for students to see how the journey to coding can come from anywhere. For projects that require more time coding - this may be sped up.
Getting Started with Elementari (10 min)
Students will sign into their accounts and be given a walkthrough of Elementari, node based visual coding, and how node based visual coding relates to some of the most popular games and movies. We will then go through the basics of designing and coding a story together. We will also cover tips and tricks to create smarter and faster.
Custom Lesson (30 min)
Students will spend this time dedicated to the custom project selected. Nicole will provide students with a step-by-step guide through the coding concepts and skills needed to complete their projects. See below for example projects to choose from. Don't worry, you can choose to have a recording of this session and students can review this section at their own pace if needed.
Student Showcases / Last Questions (10 min)
Students will have some time for any last questions (about Elementari, about coding, about life). The session will end with a class picture (if you'd like) and playing through some inspiring student created games and stories.

Choose a Project

Animated Card
Grades: All Grades
Students will create an animated card. Students will code basic functions to play when the page starts or when objects are clicked. In the process, students will become familiar and apply computer science concepts of events, functions, and loops. See Example
Interactive Hidden Picture Book
Grades: Grades 1-3
Students will create an interactive hidden picture book similar to 'Where's Waldo' or 'I Spy'. Students will code basic functions to play when the hidden object is found on the page. See Teacher's Guide Example
Interactive Storybook
Grades: Grades 2+
Students will write an interactive story that features animations, music/sounds, and/or voice-acting. Students will learn how coding can add a new dimension to their digital stories. See 4th grade student example
Choose your own adventure
Grades: Grades 3+
Students will create a choose-your-own-adventure story with multiple endings. Students will learn about user navigation and non-linear storytelling techniques. See 5th grade student example
Creating an App
Grades: Grades 5+
Students will design and code an app related to their unit of study. Students will learn about user interface, user experience, and how to design user navigation for a working app. See Character Profile App
Mad Lib Story
Grades: Grades 5+
Students will create a fill-in-the-blank poem or story. Students will learn about variables and how to use variables in creating personalized stories and poems. See Example
Personality Test
Grades: Grades 6+
Students will create a personality test where different choices will affect the "personality" or ending that is given. Similar to buzzfeed style quizzes. Ex. "How likely will you survive a time machine trip to the Civil War?" See 6th grade student example
Escape Room
Grades: Grades 7+
Students will create an escape room game that demonstrates their understanding of a unit. Students will learn how to create and code simple puzzles, create hidden easter eggs, and make thier escape rooms fun, interactive, and educational See Example
Simulation Game
Grades: Grades 7+
Students will design a simulation game with a "score" for the user that changes depending on their choices. A suitable ending will be made depending on the "score". Curricular ties may be for lab safety, digital citizenship, etc. See student example

Register your Class

To register your class for this limited time opportunity:

  1. Subscribe to Elementari's premium plan. Plans start at just $10 (billed monthly) for up to 35 student accounts. You and your class will have all the premium features to make the most of the session and projects.
  2. Give a Like/Follow for Elementari on Twitter , Facebook, or YouTube.
  3. Schedule a date/time for your session here. Choose a time and fill out the form details. You'll be emailed shortly afterwards.
Schedule your Session
Minimum class size: 8 students. This opportunity is geared for public school teachers. If you are homeschooled, you may want to register for our upcoming Saturday coding clubs. Otherwise, you can register as a group.

What do I need to prepare?

Face to face

  • 🌐 Internet access
  • 👩🏽‍🏫 Computer with projector and speakers (so students can see and hear Nicole)
  • 💻 Computer/tablet per individual or group of students
  • ✏️ Elementari accounts for your students (you can import your students from google classroom)

Online Virtual

  • 🌐 Internet access
  • 💻 Computer/tablet/phone per individual student (students can't create on mobile)
  • ✏️ Elementari accounts for your students (you can import your students from google classroom)
Note: For students who are on poor internet connection, phones, or less powerful devices, it is recommended for students to focus on the online meeting and participate in collaboratively coding the interactive story with Nicole. Otherwise, students may have a frustrating experience due to the lag. Students cannot create stories on mobile devices.
Optional Resources Before the Session
After you register and choose a project, you will receive an email with more detailed resources that are relevant to your project.

Any Questions?

Have any questions? Contact Nicole Kang by email at , phone at 480-955-0101, or Twitter @nikorawrs.