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Sep 2016

Hansel and Gretel KIDS

by nikoko 2510 views 5 months ago

Learning vocabulary in context (no voiceover)Reading Level: ESL B1 or 3rd-4th grad...

Almost Little Red Riding Hood FICTION

by nikoko 520 views 4 months ago

An interactive choose-your-own-adventure! What kind of ending with Little Red Ridin...

Adventure Quest EDUCATION

by nikoko 247 views 4 months ago

A brave adventurer needs to rescue a princess from an evil witch! Click on the "rem...

Alphabet Time KIDS

by nikoko 348 views 4 months ago

Includes narration for each sentence. Part of Elementari's Curriculum Guide for e...

Change the Face EDUCATION

by nikoko 121 views 4 months ago

Programming concepts: objects and object attributes. Learn how the "Set Object Attr...

Open the Treasure Chest EDUCATION

by nikoko 194 views 4 months ago

Programming concepts: variables and conditionals. Learn how variables and condition...

Build a Band EDUCATION

by nikoko 131 views 4 months ago

Programming concepts: events and functions. Learn what events and functions are and...

Ordering Fast Food EDUCATION

by nikoko 181 views 4 months ago

Read and listen to this conversation for ordering fast food. For ESL learners to fo...